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Arsenopyrite is separated from a mixture with pyrite by contacting the mixture with a sulfitic agent providing HSO3- ions at elevated temperature and pH below about 8 for a period sufficient to impart a selective depression property to the arsenopyrite. On addition of a collector the pyrite is rendered floatable, enabling froth flotation to achieve a concentrate rich in pyrite and tailings

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Gold Pyrite, Pyrrhotite and Arsenopyrite Recovery One of the more common classes of ores containing gold is when gold is associated with pyrite, pyrrhotite, and arsenopyrite. This is the area of gold recovery that has probably received the most research and plant optimization support especially in light of the long history of South African

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Locally, greenstone bodies (altered volcanic rocks) adjacent to the quartz veins contain enough disseminated auriferous pyrite in large enough bodies to constitute what has been called "gray ore". Altered slate wallrock commonly contains pyrite, arsenopyrite, quartz, chlorite, and sericite with or without ankerite (Zimmerman, 1983).

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Gold (Au) and silver (Ag) can also be present in pyrite, probably replacing iron. Sulphur is typically replaced by metalloids such as arsenic (As), and antimony (Sb). Other elements such as tungsten (W), tellurium (Te), and molybdenum (Mo) are commonly enriched in gold deposits, and these can occur in pyrite as well.

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The objective of the present investigation, that was carried out in the framework of a wider research program on the environmental risk associated to the occurrence of oxidation of sulphide minerals, was to study the oxidation of a Fairview concentrate, containing both pyrite and arsenopyrite, by means of a mixed microflora constituted by A

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9-13, 22-24) More recently, Urbano et al. carried out a voltammetric study of arsenopyrite containing 11.84% of pyrite mineralogical impurity and compared the results to the oxidation of a natural pyrite mineral of 98.96% purity. The authors concluded that the reactivity in the presence of galvanic effects is electrochemically modified, and the pyrite oxidation is delayed when it is associated with the arsenopyrite.

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A: It’s true that pyrite from gold mines will contain a small amount of gold. It is microscopic and is found inside the pyrite crystal. Miners who process gold ores will get free gold particles that can be melted into bars, but they also recover pyrite that has small amounts of gold within it.

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This upsurge of interest is especially expressed in the areas of biodesulfurization of coal, recovery of precious metals from pyrite- and arsenopyrite- containing minerals, biosorption processes

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2012. 6. 21. · cation (in ppm) of invisible gold in multiple grains of arsenopyrite and pyrite and also to demonstrate that goldis present in variable concentrations as well as the As and Fe in these two structures. These results show that arsenic-rich pyrite is called arsenious pyrite [Fe(S, As)2].

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Arsenopyrite grains are brecciated and localized in pressure shadows in the host siltstone. The grain size varies from 50μm to 4mm. Arsenopyrite is commonly associated with sphalerite which fills interstices, and it also contains inclusions of chalcopyrite and gold. In quartz veins, arsenopyrite grains are broken and found in and around fractures.

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The name "arsenopyrite" is a contraction of "arsenical pyrites," an archaic name used for the mineral. "Mispickel" is another archaic name for arsenopyrite that was commonly used in Europe. Uses of Arsenopyrite and Arsenic. Arsenopyrite is the primary ore of arsenic metal. The mineral contains approximately 46% arsenic by weight.

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On addition of a collector the pyrite is rendered floatable, enabling froth flotation to achieve a concentrate rich in pyrite and tailings rich in arsenopyrite. Arsenopyrite is separated from a

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produce a gold-containing arsenopyrite/ pyrite concentrate. Previous studies indicated that pressure . oxidation of the Olympias pyrite concentrate, as compared to bacterial oxidation, resulted in similar or slightly higher gold recovery at significantly lower cyanide consumption. Capex estimate of the pressure oxidation

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Arsenopyrite is closely related to alloclasite, but is not an exact analogue, because of different As-S and S-As ordering. Arsenopyrite may contain up to about 9 wt.% Co; with higher Co contents, glaucodot will appear as a separate phase (Gammon, 1966). May be confused with the iron arsenide löllingite. Classification of Arsenopyrite Hide

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Pyrite and arsenopyrite are the two most important gold-containing minerals in gold ores [1–4]. Fine-grained or submicroscopic gold is disseminated within pyrite and arsenopyrite, thereby rendering gold inaccessible to cyanide solutions [5]. Dissolving pyrite and arsenopyrite is the main objective of the biological pretreatment of gold ores

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A typical arsenical gold ore contains arsenopyrite as the major arsenic mineral. However, some arsenical gold ores, such as those from Nevada in the USA (Getchel deposit), contain realgar and orpiment as the major arsenic-bearing minerals. Pyrite, if present in an arsenical gold ore, may contain some gold as minute inclusions.

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2007. 8. 8. · arsenopyrite mineral is oxidized at less positive potentials than higher purity pyrite (0.1V). On other hand, pyrite in the arsenopyrite mineral has an important contribution in voltammetric response of arsenopyrite mineral, mainly observed in the reduction peak G1 and oxidation peaks E2, E3 and E5 (at Eλ+ > 1.2V). Results obtained show that


1. A froth flotation process for effecting separation of arsenopyrite mineral from pyrite mineral comprising conditioning at pH less than 8 and at a temperature of at least 30°C an aqueous pulp containing particles of said arsenopyrite and pyrite minerals, the conditioning being conducted with a sulfitic depressing agent providing HSO 3 ̅ ions added to said pulp in a quantity sufficient to

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The pyrite crystal is a must-have piece for your office or workspace because it's the ultimate symbol of wealth and good luck. It's also known as “Fool’ s gold” because of its shimmery golden hue, the color of gold and the midday sun at its full strength.

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Arsenopyrite is separated from a mixture with pyrite by contacting the mixture with a sulfitic agent providing HSO3- ions at elevated temperature and pH below about 8 for a period sufficient to

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2009. 8. 27. · arsenopyrite/pyrite flotation concentrate11, and the identification of L. ferrooxidans and Thiobacillus caldus in continuous flow bioleaching oxidation tanks used to treat a variety of metal containing ores and concentrates12. According to the multiple sub-process mechanism the sulphide mineral is chemically oxidized by ferric-iron: [1] [2]

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Oct 01, · A prime example is arsenopyrite, or iron arsenide sulfide (FeAsS), sometimes called arsenical pyrite. This mineral is composed of 46% arsenic, which is a notorious poison. German geologists used to call it mispickel. The evil “Miss Pickle” develops as well-formed monoclinic, somewhat orthorhombic crystals.


The aim of the research programme is to investigate the potential of flotation for the separation of arsenopyrite and pyrite minerals. The efficient separation of pyrite and arsenopyrite by a cheap process such as flotation has long been recognized as a desirable technological goal for ores containing both minerals.

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2021. 1. 11. · For example, persistent ore and man-made materials containing sulfide minerals and serving as gold carriers – pyrite and arsenopyrite – are promising. Classical approaches involve the use of high pressure or pyrometallurgical processes, but there is also an alternative – exposure to nitric acid, which ensures high environmental safety and a high degree of gold recovery.

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2012. 9. 4. · Until 1996 the mine treated 200 tonnes per day of ore from a vein deposit containing galena, sphalerite, pyrite and arsenopyrite, to produce lead and zinc concentrates. The tailings from the concentrator, containing 3 to 4 g/t gold and 34 g/t silver locked in arsenopyrite, was stockpiled.

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In pyrite-poor massivesulfide deposits containing disseminated iron silicates or oxides, metamorphic processes lower f(S 2 ) and promote the solid-state conversion of arsenopyrite to löllingite

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arsenopyrite contains up to 0.17 wt.% Au. The antithetic correlation between S and As indicates the substitu-tion of As for S in pyrite, and arsenic occurs in anionic As1− state in the pyrite structure under the reduced conditions. Pyrite has relatively high Co (~364–2248 ppm) but relatively low Ni (~109–497 ppm) contents,

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Arsenopyrite is the most common mineral containing arsenic. Found in veins in crystalline rocks, associated with ores of tin, silver, lead and with various sulfides , including pyrite , chalcopyrite , sphalerite , galena , etc.

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Jan 21, · Arsenopyrite on Pyrite after Pyrrhotite Trepca * Kosovo *** We Buy Collections *** 7.5 6.6 x 3.4 cm. Here is a beautiful sample of reticulated Arsenopyrite crystals growing on Pyrite replacing Pyrrhotite from Trepca * Kosovo. Please note the size before you bid! ***** We do combine shipping on multiple wins.

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The arsenic bearing pyrite is commonly known as arsenian pyrite and can contain gold in its structure. Rimming of pyrite with arsenic-rich assemblages is often common as well as arsenopyrite-marcasite-pyrite associations. The gold-pyrite association is dependent on ore grade and textural features of the ore. When