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Sorted Scrap Transfer Conveyor: Material to be handled : Shredded Aluminum UBC Cans. Length of Conveyor : 3700mm. Width of Conveyor : For 900mm wide

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We are one of the most promising and leading manufacturers of a comprehensive range of Manual Roller Conveyor, Low Pressure Powered Roller Conveyor, Curve Roller Conveyors, Wire Mesh Chain Conveyor, Drag Chain Conveyor, Standard Screw Conveyor, Rough Top Belt Conveyor, Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor, Plastic Modular Belt Conveyor, Powered Chain Driven Roller Conveyor, Tyre Handling Inclined Conveyor

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Providing you the best range of aluminum rotary furnace, aluminium melting cum holding furnace, scrap charging machine, aluminium alloy ingot casting conveyor, aluminum skelner furnace and hot dross processing with effective & timely delivery.


At the beginning of , Victaulic installed a Magaldi Superbelt ® conveyor to handle sprues and scraps from the scrap yard to the charging machine, replacing the existing vibratory conveyor. The latter was covered with a de-dusting cover since it spread dust into the work environment.

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The Integrated Scrap Automatic Charging (ISAC) system provides a combination of single bucket practice and continuous charging of scrap from the EAF closed roof by means of a: Shredder plant located in the scrap yard area. Special conveyor for prowler handling to EAF roof. Chemical energy optimization. Dedicate melting profile automation system.

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Our robust swiveling conveyor designs help evenly distribute the scrap output from shears of up to 1200 tons. MRF Sorting Systems Our modular approach to conveyor and sorting system design makes the solution scalable to your needs.

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Scrap Handling Jorgensen offers a complete line of engineered conveyor solutions for your stand-alone Scrap Handling application or Central System. To accommodate the wide variety of scrap handling situations found in industry, Jorgensen offers the widest choice of belt materials in the market.

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Scrap systems are designed to take scrap from bottle trimmers and carry excess materials back to regrind and recycling equipment. Depending on the needs of your facility, we either implement air duct systems or mat-top conveyor systems to transfer scrap to regrind machines. We also design scrap systems for more than just plastic waste

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This conveyor has a positive discharge responsible for its cleaner process parameters. It is also designed to be leak-proof, so that cutting fluid is fully retained during the conveyance of scrap to its

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system. This would no longer require the roof to be opened for normal charging as a conveyor carries scrap into the furnace through a tunnel. It is in this tunnel where the off-gas also flows out of the furnace and heat is recovered to preheat the scrap. This pre-heating of scrap is the primary

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ROWE 12" SCRAP CONVEYOR. Inv# - 41581: Capty - N/A: Video - No: View Details. Request a Quote. MAYFRAN CT " X 16' CHAIN PITCH HINGED STEEL BELT CHIP CONVEYOR

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Stamping scrap can be handled using a variety of conveyor types. Most commonly, hinged steel belt conveyors are used along with magnetic and slider bed conveyors. Our hinged steel belt stamping conveyors incorporate specially designed side wings and hinge loop armor to close the gaps that are typically found on hinged steel belts.

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To get your scrap back, vibratory conveyors from General Kinematics offer quiet, reliable conveying with low maintenance requirements. On the way, GK's DUCTA-SPRUE® removes sand through aggressive tumbling action and prepares scrap for remelt.

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When your operation depends on the efficient handling of scrap material, a scrap conveyor system from Goessling USA provides the critical transfer efficiency needed for numerous systems and applications. Goessling’s offers a variety of scrap conveyor systems, custom designed and manufactured to meet our client’s specific needs.

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The conveyor has chain belt pitches of 6” and 9” with 3” or 4” diameter flanged wheels running on hardened case rail. The chain pulls up to 9000 lbs., so it can handle large scrap and heavy loads. Whole plant scrap conveyor systems are engineered, designed, and manufactured to suit your scrap handling requirements.

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The continuous preheat charging system as defined by claim 1 wherein said scrap transferring means is a scrap charge transfer conveyor and said receiving point is a scrap receiving end of said transfer conveyor and said discharge point is a scrap discharge end of said transfer conveyor.

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system. This would no longer require the roof to be opened for normal charging as a conveyor carries scrap into the furnace through a tunnel. It is in this tunnel where the off-gas also flows out of the furnace and heat is recovered to preheat the scrap. This pre-heating of scrap is the primary

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Elevating conveyors for moving material into bins; Challenge and Solution: A customer needed a conveyor to feed a seaweed shredding operation overseas. Since the conveyor was to be used outdoors and it was to be run with a hydraulic motor, typical conveyor manufacturers would have turned the project down for being too far from a standard product.

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Conveyors can be horizontal or elevate to 50 feet or more. Whether the material to be handled is light or heavy, hot or cold, large or small, wet or dry, Jorgensen has a solution for you. All of our conveyor products can incorporate state of the art controls and sensor technologies to optimize your scrap handling systems performance.

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The total width of the conveyor is 1.4 m whilst the effective width is roughly one meter. The stamping scraps originate from three stamping units and are transported to the Goessling conveyor by other conveyors and slides. The conveying speed is 10 meters per minute. The charging end of the conveyor measures 46 meters in length.

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material scrap sorting conveyor 3.aluminium casting machine • ingot casting machine • notchbar casting machine • cube casting machine 4. aluminium shots/granules making machine 5. scrap furnace charging machine 6. hot dross processing machine 7. scrap sorting conveyor 8. aluminium dross pulverizer 9. conveyor system 10. metal dross

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1/27/  · The application of the Superbelt® HD conveyor is highly recommended in all steel plants that use scrap handling systems for furnace charging. In fact, thanks to the high reliability of the Superbelt® technology, any unexpected failure of the furnace loading system is

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Logistically, the storage of scrap would require additional space at the steel site and the scrap may damage the charge conveyor belts. Scrap can be charged at a maximum rate of ~10% of the Fe burden

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In this process, scrap is charged directly from the scrap yard to the charge conveyor. The scrap is then automatically and continuously conveyed to the EAF while being preheated in the preheater conveyor which is called the tunnel.

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Rectangular Scrap Magnets (DAWXRM) Download Rectangular Scrap Magnet Information. Our Rectangular Scrap Magnets provide optimum scrap charging capabilities, ideal for the loading and unloading of rail cars. The deep field dual coil design offers lower inductance, which decreases charging and discharging times.

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Phillips Scrap Charging Buckets . Phillips Scrap Charging Buckets for top loading of electric arc furnaces are designed for an even spread of scrap over the bed of the furnace Constructed of heavy steel plate bars and rolled shapes Bottom doors fabricated of dished plate are waffled for added strength and allow the bucket to sit on the floor without special auxiliary

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Other operations are continuous charging—pre-heating scrap on a conveyor belt, which then discharges the scrap into the furnace proper, or charging the scrap from a shaft set above the furnace, with off-gases directed through the shaft. Other furnaces can be charged with hot (molten) metal from other operations.

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JOEST solutions for the scrap, recycling and waste energy industries Highest quality standards and customized processing engineering When it comes optimizing the recovery of resources, there is no limit to the design imagination and innovative solutions offered by JOEST.


Scrap Recycling Machinery Required Sr. No. Type Of Machinery 1 Scrap Shredding Machine 2 Shredded Scrap Charging Hopper with Flow Control Lever. 3 Slat Conveyor motorized belt with VFD Drive . 4 Centrifuge unit Machine (Optional) for Chip recycling only. 5

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THE CHALLENGE. At the beginning of , Tenova Core (EPC contractor) asked Magaldi to provide a dependable solution to handle the increased scrap charging volume (200 t/h) and reduce the operating costs associated with the furnac crane used for buckets charging in Ivaco Rolling Mills.


9/10/  · Scrap charging can be done using two different methods: the scrap to about 600 °C using waste gases and are typically either of a vertical shaft design or a horizontal conveyor design as used