Dy'on La Cense 5/8" Gumowe Wodze CE05B

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  • 5/8" (16mm)

La Cense Collection: CE05B

The La Cense Method gives everyone the means to communicate with horses. The Dy'on bridle, for its part, creates an intimate link between horse and rider. 

Their common goal is to forge ties between two living beings. Working together was thus self-evident. 

After months of work guided by excellence, this meeting of minds has given rise to a new range of exceptional products: La Cense by Dy'on. 

La Cense by Dy'on defends a special relationship with the horse that respects its
well-being whilst proposing beautiful, effective equipment that combines comfort with allowing advanced technique. 

Characteristics of the collection: 

  • Collection specially designed for training, working and ensuring the well-being of your horse
  • Grade 1 buffalo leather
  • Vegetable tanning specially developed by Dy'on
  • Natural dyes 
  • Stainless steel buckles 
  • Thread in matching colours
  • New anatomical headpieces specially developed by Dy'on for comfort and ergonomics
  • Extra-supple browband for comfort over the temples