Dy'on New English Dressage Patent Large Crank Nachrapnik with Flash NE04N/O

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    Dressage Flat Leather (Dressage Part of New English Collection):  NE04N/O

    • Patent Black / Patent Brown: NE04N
    • Patent Black with White Padding / Patent Brown with White Padding: NE04O

    All of the linings are made of sheep leather, which is more supple and softer than cow leather.

    Given that beauty scores high amongst the criteria for choosing dressage bridles, the dressage collection offers a large selection of finishes, from matte to patent leather, with white piping and linings in between. To top this off, we also have the models of browbands adorned with authentic Swarovski crystals.

    Characteristics of the collection:

    • Dy'on leather: Grade 1 Catalan leather tanned in Igualada, Spain
    • Vegetable tanning developed excusively by Dy'on
    • Natural dyes
    • English leather type finish
    • Stainless steel buckles
    • Stitching in matching colours
    • Supple S-shaped headpiece - the latest Dy'on innovation