DY'ON Ogłowie z nachrapnikiem Large crank Noseband double bridle B159

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Dressage bridle in rolled English leather
Thin soft headpiece

Includes noseband cheek pieces:
• Anatomic cutting to release totally the base of the ears
• Neoprene padding and extra soft full grain sheep leather lining

Black mat or patent leather flash noseband width 3.8 cm:
• Slightly raised
• Neoprene padding and extra soft full grain sheep leather lining
• Crank in supple leather with nylon lining and protective padded soft leather tab

Hook stud cheek pieces

Soft Dy'on V- shape browband with authentic Svarowski crystals

Matching colour stitching

Stainless steel buckles


Dressage Collection:
B159MB - Noseband mat black/black padding
B159PB - Noseband patent black/black padding
B159MW - Noseband mat black/white padding
B159PW - Noseband patent black/white padding

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