Dy'on Working Flash Nose Strap WO99C

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  • 1/2" (13mm)

Working Collection: WO99C


 Working by Dy'on is our entry-line collection. It is composed of our most popular products.

As its name indicates, this collection is designed mainly for daily work. It consists of a varied set of models to meet the needs of riders in every category: jumping, dressage, hacking, and trail riding. 

The items in this collection are made of buffalo leather for sturdiness and strenght, This robust leather with its more pronounced grain can be recognised by its more rustic finish. 

The line in functional, combining Dy'on quality and lower cost. Working by Dy'on products are covered by a 1-year warranty on manufacturing and raw material defects. 

Designed with working and young horses in mind, this collection should be preferred for home use and regular training. 

Characteristics of the collection:

  • Complete range especially designed for heavy-duty use
  • Grade 1 buffalo leather
  • Vegetable tanning developed excusively by Dy'on 
  • Natural dyes
  • Stainless steel buckles 
  • New anatomical headpieces specially developed by Dy'on for comfort and ergonomics
  • Set of products suitable for a range of activities (jumping, dressage, hacking, and trail riding)