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Gastro-Care+ is a science-based nutritional supplement that provides a two-fold protection of the gastrointestinal mucosa of your horse.

Gastro-Care+ neutralizes both the excess of stomach acid (bicarbonates) and protects the stomach membrane (lecithin and alginate).


Moreover due to the extra addition of glutamine and vitamin U (cabagine), the regeneration of the damaged stomach membrane of your horse accelerates.


Matricaria recutita (chamomile) and Curcuma longa (turmeric) are herbs with a medicinal effect on the gastric mucosa.


Gastro-Care+ is by far the most complete gastric supplement for horses with an extremely powerful effect.


Instructions for use:

  • 2 scoops (30 grams) per horse per day during the first 10 days, to be mixed in the horse feed.
  • Afterwards 20 days 1 scoop (30 grams) per horse per day.
  • 30 day treatment



Net weight per tub: 1.20 kg

Feedstuffs: Calcium carbonate 13,66%, Sodium bicarbonate 12,66% , Maltodextrin 9,32,Magnesium hydroxide 8,33 %, 

Guaranteed Composition:

Crude protein         8,70 %

Crude Fat             14,00 %

Crude cellulose       0,10 %

Crude ash             33,37 %

Calcium                   5,26 %

Magnesium              3,42 %

Phosphorus              0,78 %

Sodium                     4,97 %



Additives: Processing agents: Lecithin-E322 220,325 mg/kg, Sodium alginate-E410 136,625 mg/kg. Sensory agents:Aromatic substances: Matricaria recutita 60,000 mg/kg, Aroma Apple 20,000 mg/kg. Nutritional agents:Vitamins: Vitamin U ( S-methylMethioninee) 3,300 mg/kg Amino acids: L-Glutamine 50,000 mg/kg