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Immunotop contains a number of ingredients that enhance both natural resistance and psyhical and mental well-being. It also supports the energetic alertness. Echinacea is mainly know because of its immunity-regulating qualities.

Immunotop also contains:

High dose of vitamin C (calcium ascrobate, which ensures stability 

Siberian ginseng extract

Vitamin B 12

Feedstuffs : Glycerine, Sodium chloride

Guaranteed Composition:

Crude protein        0,60 %

Crude Fat              0,00 %

Crude cellulose     0,00 %

Crude ash             1,24 %

Sodium                  0,20 %

Moisture content   52,00 %

Additives:  Sensory agents:Eleutherococcus senticosus (Siberian ginseng) extract 25,000 ml/liter, Echinacea purpurea (Purple coneflower) tincture 25 ml/liter,Ribes nigrum ( Blackcurrant) tincture 20 ml/liter, Vaccinium myrtillus (Billberry) tincture 20 ml/liter, Hydrastis canadensis (Tumeric) 16,7 ml/liter, Rosa canina (Dog rose) extract 5.000 ml/liter Vitamins and provitamins: Vit. C ( Calcium ascrobate)50,000 ml/liter, Vit B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 16,7 ml/liter Trace elements: Zinc chelate of glycine hydrate-zinc(E6) 1,080 ml/liter

0,5 L