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Relax is a dietary supplement for horses used as support in case of stress situations. It is composed of body-related substances and herbs which have a calming effect and without any side effect on the performances of the horse.


Relax can be used in horses that must provide optimal performance but are subject to significant stress in case of competition or during long journeys.


This product can also be used when the horse must remain at rest in his stable after an injury or a surgery.


Pot of 500 gr


Instructions for use:
1 spoon of 20 gr per horse per day mixed in feed
Cure for 25 days



Magnesium citrate 40,00 %

Guaranted composition:

Crude protein      24,10%

Crude Fat            0,00 %

Crude cellulose    0,00 %

Crude ash            14,75 %

Calcium                0,02 %

Magnesium          7,68 %

Phosphorus         0,00 %

Sodium                0,04 %

Additives: Processing agents:Silicon dioxide-E551 a 20,000 mg/kg Sensory agents: Aromatic substance: Passiflora incarnata extract 100,000 mg/kg, Humulus lupulus extract 60,000mg/kg, Eschscholtzia californica extract 60,000 mg/kg, Ballota niga extract 20,000 mg/kg, Melissa officinalis extract 20,000 mg/kg, Aroma apple 5,000 mg/kg   Vitamins: Vit E acetate ( 25,000 mg/kg alpha-tocopherol acetate) E-306 100,000 mg/kg Nutritional agents:Vitamins: Inositol 100,000 mg/kg, Choline chloride 5,000 mg/kg. Amino acids: L-Tryptophan 200,000 mg/kg