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Vital+ is the most complete multivitamin and mineral supplement for foals, yearlings and adult horses.

 Supplementation of Vital+ improves the general development of the young foal, resulting in excellent bone and cartilage quality.

 The supplementation of copper and zinc are important in order to avoid OCD. Vital+ improves the quality of the coat and the hoofs (biotin) in yearlings and adult horses. There is a significant improvement in vitality.

 Vital + also contains the necessary electrolytes that horses need during intensive workouts. High quantities of Vitamin C, E and B will support the horses resistance and force. Vital+ is the ideal vitamin and mineral supplement for foals, yearlings, pregnant mares, recreation horses and sport horses.

 Packaging: bucket of 3,0 kg (also bucket of 1,0 kg available)

 Instructions for use:

1 spoon of 20 gr per horse per day mixed in feed
3,0 kg: cure for 150 days (1,0 kg: cure for 50 days)

1 spoon of 10 gr per foal per day mixed in feed
3,0 kg: cure for 300 days (1,0 kg: cure for 100 days)


 Dextrose monohydrate 34,23%, Maltodextrin 34,10 %, Dicalcium phosphate 2,41 %, Potassium chloride 2,00%

Guaranteed Composition:

Crude protein     11,60 %

Crude Fat             1,00 %

Crude cellulose     0,00 %

Crude ash             8,71 %

Calcium                 0,85 %

Magnesium          0,08 %

Phosphorus         0,40 %

Sodium                0,09 %


Additives: Processing agents: Calciumascrobate- E302 37,500 mg/kg,Silicon dioxide-E551 a 24,100 mg/kg. Sensory agents: Aromatic substances:  Aroma-apple 12,000 mg/kg.  Vitamins:  Vitamin E acetate (resulting in 13,250 mg/kg alpha-tocopherol acetate) 26,500 mg/kg, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 24,100 mg/kg, Nicotinamide ( Vitamin B3) 4,800 mg/kg, Thiamine HCL ( Vitamin B1) 1,600 mg/kg, Riboflavin ( VitaminB2) 1,400 mg/kg, Pyrodixine HCL ( Vitamin B6) 700mg/kg, Folic acid ( Vitamin B11) 200 mg/kg, Biotin 2% 200 mg/kg Amino acids : L-Lysine 84,200 mg/kg, L-Methiononee 48,100 mg/kg Spore elements:Magnesiunchelate of amino acids, hydrate ( 580mg/kg Mg) 2,900 mg/kg, Iron amino aid chelate, hydrate ( 360 mg/kg Fe)-El 2,293 mg/kg, Zincchelate of amino acid, hydrate ( 130mg/kg Cu)-E4 707 mg/kg, Selenium yeast ( 1 mg/kg Se)-E8 500 mg/kg