HOCOR Complete & Nigella

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Due to the natural properties of special yeast, niacin and nigella content, HOCOR Complete strengthens the immunological system, thus increasing the protective barrier against various infections.

HOCOR Complete & Nigella "Immune Boost" reduces digestive problems and the risk of consequences due to improper feeding, change of diet or stress. Complete set of necessary exogenous amino acids (including selenium and vitamin E), provides an increased efficiency and stamina for hardworking horses.

Zinc and B group vitamin complex content support hair and hoof horn growth, as well as aiding healing processes in the skin. High linoleic acid content with valuable omega-3 bonds supports the correct course of all processes mentioned above, and additionally supports regeneration of cells, especially within the nervous system.

Improves digestibility of nutritional doses, increases appetite especially in horses, which are reluctant to eat.