HOCOR Digest + Milk Thistle

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Hocor Digest + Milk Thistle "Liver Control" is a special product based on a highly-absorbent strain of yeast called Yarrowia Lipolytica and ethyl esters of essential fatty acids. This mix is rich in biologically active ingredients, essential amino acids and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids esters.

HOCOR Digest Liver Control contains phytobiotics, which makes it highly absorbable. Milk Thistle gives the mix antihepatoxic properties, which translates into protection of the liver from toxins and helps to remove them from the horse’s system.

HOCOR Digest Liver Control supports liver function and the healing process of gastro ulcers. It helps to stop bleeding from epithelial cover erosion of the stomach, and also has anti-inflammatory properties.