MONTAR Miękkie Skórzane/Gumowe Wodze french hooks SS

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Narrow combined leather and rubber rein with hand stoppers and martingale stoppers. The front part of the rein is made from super soft and flexible leather. The combination of soft leather, rubber, and hand stoppers ensures that the rider never looses grip even while riding a sweaty horse. The bit closure has an insert of elastic to secure a softer connection between the horse and rider. 

Width approx 16 mm. 
Models: Buckles and french hook
Sizes: Cob and full

The Montar reins comes in four different types of grip. The reins are made in the same high quality as the bridles and are made with stainless steel buckles. 

Please note that the french hook models are available in black and brown with matching stitches, while the model with normal buckles is made with white stitches